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Has a theft occurred at your home or office? Increase the security of your home with ASSA's high-security locks. Ensure that no one can tamper with your locks and get total key  control we're are the only locksmith in the area who uses these restricted keyways.  


Sometimes the normal wear of a lock can leave your business vulnerable to theft - ASSA's locks are made to endure the test of time without compromising your security. Let us install your high-security locks today.


If you want to have the best locks for your home or office, call A-1 Key Shop and learn more about ASSA's high-security locks.

ASSA locks are durable and strong to help protect you and your belongs.  

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Ensure your keys and locks can protect against burglars - ASSA high-security locks are your best chance at keeping out unwanted guests. A-1 Key Shop sells and installs ASSA locks for any home or business owner.


Here at A-1 Key Shop, we strive to provide our customers with reliable, trustworthy key and lock solutions to keep their valuables safe. We service and install all brands and models of keys and locks. Just tell us what you're looking for - we'll find it and install it for you.


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